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This winter we wanted to bring good luck and positive energy with amulets, talismans and lucky charms. Whether you wear them on the ears, around the neck or close to your heart, the sunburst collection pieces will bring the extra protection we all need right now.

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Our best-selling Havana earrings, with their signature round shape and handmade tassels, are inspired by the captivating colors and vibrant rhythms of Havana. Our Mosaic collection, with its textured floral and leaf design, is a whimsical take on the dazzling colors and distinctive aesthetic of this beloved ancient art form.

Bird Earring


The Birds collection is an ode to the stunning beauty of the avian world, from kingfishers to cardinals, robins to peacocks. Like the birds who inspired them, these joyful, handmade pieces come alive with colour, texture, and iridescence